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Djanet, oasis in the soft and restful charm, is situated on the Tropic of Cancer in the heart of central Sahara, and at the foot of the tray of the Tassili n'Ajjer, at a height of 1050 m. Taken between the cliffs which protect the oued Idjeriou and the Tassili, the town seems almost Mediterranean.
This oasis, by its unique geographical situation (in 1000 m of height), gathers in its neighborhood all the landscapes which we can meet in the desert of Sahara (Reg, erg, oued, Hamada, ténéré, tassilis).
Djanet and its palm grove are a real refuge for a multitude of insects and birds, certain big migrants stopping here before continuing their long journey through Sahara.
The desert of Djanet is disturbing of beauty. It offers himself to its visitors without concessions or restrictions, with its dunes, his so fine sand to the sparkling colors. In a single place, the conception changes and the colors evolve: chestnut to the yellow one, while going through the white one, the red and even the beige one.
Djanet will indulge to welcome you.

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