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Nicknamed it "city of the suspended bridges", Constantine (former Cirta) is built on a dominating boulder of deep throats to the bottom of which ones flows the oued Rhummel, in the absence of the sea. She was been founded by the emperor Constantine Ier that gave him his name. Constantine is a cultural center and university very important. Monuments as the big mosque of the Emir Abdelkader or the Palace of the Bey indicate architectural wealth of the city.
One of the curiosities of the city of Constantine is well the "way of the tourists". This installation allowed following the bottom of the throats of the Rhumel on all their length. The "way of the tourists", inaugurated in 1895, is the work of the engineer builder Frederic REMES. Long of more than two kilometers and half, this path is hung to the partitions of the ravine, passing of a shore to the other.
Nevertheless the true important city of the coastal constantinois is Annaba, the former Bone. It is the one of the cities that possesses the most beautiful coast of Algeria. Built on the ruins of the known former city under the name of Hippone, the city is the fourth city of the country today. The main point of interest of the city, besides the antique ruins, is the Basilica of Saint Augustine, set up to the memory of this priest been born in Algeria in 354 before J-C.

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